Monday, March 4, 2013

April's Coming!

Cari from BubblegumOnMyShoe has gently reminded me of the April A-Z challenge for Bloggers.

I'm looking forward to it. Last year around this time the challenge was made to any and all bloggers to -blog daily using the Alphabet for letter per day of April. I guess we could skip weekends or something like that to make the number of days match the number of letters in the Alpha, but whatever. It was fun, challenging and admittedly a bit quirky on some people's part. Coming up with a subject matter for all the letters A-Z is draining. Check out my "T".....and yet somehow I managed.

So...I believe a t-shirt or something was promised by my host Cari  but I'm not naming names who promised it...or was that another challenge she put out. The bubblegumshoe mom is a great motivator I'll give you that! I was too embarrassed to admit I hadn't taken down my Christmas Tree ( on her link... but she motivated me to do it. It's possible that out of town company coming (namely she who shall remain nameless and photo-free on the World Wide Internet) had something to do with it too. December through the end of February is long enough to look at twinkle lights on the evergreen in the middle of the living room.

Thanks for the motivation to start blogging again Cari.

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