Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Let's just say that God is good all the time.

Because I believe that to be true with all my heart, I constantly look to find the words to comfort my friends, family, strangers or anyone who has lost a child.

In my own life, no matter how tough it gets I am able to make sense of the way God is working for my good. It's not always happy circumstances and is sometimes hard to swallow, but still I've reached a point in my Christian maturity to know that He has a plan for my good. The Light (Jesus) at the end of the tunnel is eternal life with Him, my family in Him and joy everlasting. But how to put that into words for immediate comfort to someone who has lost a child I don't know. Maybe it's ok to be silent. Maybe I have to allow silence in Him to do the work. It's always the wise one in the room who sits in silence.

Wisdom isn't for us to have. Wisdom is for us to use. It is a gift that God displays through us.
If I'm so lucky to have it, I am humbled and wish to use it wisely.

Here we will sit in silence to appreciate God's glory in all that is, even the children who have gone early to see Him.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Well, hello. Peace, joy and love to you. It's been since March of 2013 since I last posted. I purposely did not read my past posts so that I wouldn't be influenced by them. But today I am drawn to write. I think partly because of the current government state, but also my own personal state. Here goes...

What I am is a person who likes structure and good order. I learned that as a child growing up in the home of a military father. He passively led us into good order by making it seem like any task was for the good of the cause. Like doing the dishes or weeding the garden. If you don't do it now, then tomorrow there will be more dishes to do or there will be more weeds to pull....the grass will still be there but only longer if you don't mow it...etc. Passing the chore on to the other siblings wasn't an option because they had their own work to do. So responsibility was big in my house. Do it. Just do it. Don't complain, don't put it off, just do it.

As a child the "just do it" philosophy was easy because there would be a consequence at the end if the job wasn't done. As an adult, however it's more difficult. WHY? My dad is gone to live with Jesus and my mom who was the enforcer is also there with him. I'm on my own....my own accord....my own thoughts and my own excuses. My tasks have changed now that I'm an adult. I'm no longer talking about the chore type tasks...those I have a handle on...but the task of making decisions that will effect my life. That's it.

I'm in discernment. I'm in decision making mode. I absolutely know and accept that God is in charge. But me, as a preparer and plan B'er to cover all the bases person, I have to explore all the options. Here we go...I realize as a Christ follower and Child of God that no matter how much I prepare and no matter how much I explore my options, God is in charge. I also know through many experiences that God has a sense of humor and isn't afraid to use it on me. LOL!

So there. I just talked myself into letting go. Let Go and Let God!

Pray for me bloggers. Pray that when God speaks, I am ready to listen and accept.
And I will pray for you.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Here I Am

Here I am.
I knew I would be here. This is where I would find myself.
I knew it a long, long time ago. And yet, I just found out.
This is where I should be. Meant to be. Will be.
I am here.
Here I am.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

I See Squirrels!

I need squirrels!

This morning for example:

Coffee... eggs... news... desk... computer... facebook... e-mail... open blinds...


He/she scurried over the top of neighboring fences as if there were no balancing act to perform... no worries or cares... only one thing to accomplish:

Get the Nut and Scurry back.

My walls of solitude are necessary, yet sometimes stifling  to achieve the creative outcomes for my job. Balancing the cultivated craft with productiveness takes fine tuning and can be at times inactive.

I'm choosing to
Be Distracted!

I See Squirrels! 

bustledart, dashdustflyhastenhop along, hurryraceriprunrushscamper, scoot, scud, scutter, scuttle, shootskim, sprint, step along, tearwhirlwhisk, zip

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

You Don't Define ME

Everyday I say out loud to the world ... "You Don't Define Me"...
"I Define Me".

It's a reminder to myself that my reaction to people in this world is my own choosing. My choices are mine.

It helps me to not be codependent. It helps remind me of who I am. It helps me be strong for my kids. It helps me to be a better follower of Christ,  knowing that Jesus is my Savior.

HE defines me. He makes me strong. HE helps me when I'm troubled. HE is my Refuge and my Strength.

I am nothing without HIM.

Go into all the world. Be disciples. Be strong. Be DEFINED.

Monday, March 4, 2013

April's Coming!

Cari from BubblegumOnMyShoe has gently reminded me of the April A-Z challenge for Bloggers.

I'm looking forward to it. Last year around this time the challenge was made to any and all bloggers to -blog daily using the Alphabet for inspiration-...one letter per day of April. I guess we could skip weekends or something like that to make the number of days match the number of letters in the Alpha, but whatever. It was fun, challenging and admittedly a bit quirky on some people's part. Coming up with a subject matter for all the letters A-Z is draining. Check out my "T".....and yet somehow I managed.

So...I believe a t-shirt or something was promised by my host Cari  but I'm not naming names who promised it...or was that another challenge she put out. The bubblegumshoe mom is a great motivator I'll give you that! I was too embarrassed to admit I hadn't taken down my Christmas Tree (really...click on her link... but she motivated me to do it. It's possible that out of town company coming (namely she who shall remain nameless and photo-free on the World Wide Internet) had something to do with it too. December through the end of February is long enough to look at twinkle lights on the evergreen in the middle of the living room.

Thanks for the motivation to start blogging again Cari.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013



Noises are scary.
When the noises are attached to your car...even worse.

The brakes on my car are giving me grief...it's nothing to ignore. The thought of having them go out while driving down the highway is very scary. On Saturday each time I touched the brakes it made the QrEEuueeeEEk-ing sound. The drive-through attendant at McDonald's tried to diagnose as well as she could but was forced to give up her analysis because the next order was up. I guess I needed to go to a professional. Maybe someone who was going to charge me a lot more than I can afford but probably a little more detailed and accurate in their opinion.

Luckily there is a place that gives free estimates. With the free estimate there is usually a round of "this-that-and-the-other-thing" diagnostic talk. Mostly I don't understand the jargon unless they show me the evidence. This time I did. The brakes were rubbing on metal and the "hot spots" were causing the trouble. I needed new brake pads, rotors, and oh....there's a bolt missing.

Bolts are important. I didn't always realize how important...but now...yep. Gotta have one...right there!

So I said to myself (and the garage guy) can we replace the bolt?

$900 is not something I have laying around...but maybe a bolt is?

Thank you Mr. Mechanic. For putting the bolt right where it belonged. My dashboard lights are not constantly flashing anymore and the brake noise has stopped.

Today the car is not so scary to drive.