Wednesday, January 16, 2013



Noises are scary.
When the noises are attached to your car...even worse.

The brakes on my car are giving me's nothing to ignore. The thought of having them go out while driving down the highway is very scary. On Saturday each time I touched the brakes it made the QrEEuueeeEEk-ing sound. The drive-through attendant at McDonald's tried to diagnose as well as she could but was forced to give up her analysis because the next order was up. I guess I needed to go to a professional. Maybe someone who was going to charge me a lot more than I can afford but probably a little more detailed and accurate in their opinion.

Luckily there is a place that gives free estimates. With the free estimate there is usually a round of "this-that-and-the-other-thing" diagnostic talk. Mostly I don't understand the jargon unless they show me the evidence. This time I did. The brakes were rubbing on metal and the "hot spots" were causing the trouble. I needed new brake pads, rotors, and oh....there's a bolt missing.

Bolts are important. I didn't always realize how important...but now...yep. Gotta have one...right there!

So I said to myself (and the garage guy) can we replace the bolt?

$900 is not something I have laying around...but maybe a bolt is?

Thank you Mr. Mechanic. For putting the bolt right where it belonged. My dashboard lights are not constantly flashing anymore and the brake noise has stopped.

Today the car is not so scary to drive.


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