Friday, November 23, 2012

gym class ~ dumb things

I was thinking about some of the dumb things gym teachers used to make us do in gym class. Maybe you called it phy ed...but whatever you called it...make no mistake, it was sometimes silly and dumb.

Like this physical impossibility for example...we were graded on whether or not we could sit on the floor and lift our bodies off the ground by putting our hands on each side of our body, and push up. As a result we should be able to lift our feet off of the ground and hold.....for however many seconds the teacher deemed was enough.

Sorry teacher...not gonna happen : )~

Here's the thing about physical fitness...only if your arms are longer than your torso...will you be able to accomplish this task. People with short arms, like me, no matter how hard I arms were simply not longer than my torso. I have short arms. Yes, it looks odd, but still I am who I am. The teacher would coach, cheer, push, lift the feet and drop the feet....but still could not see that my arms were just not long enough. What's up with that,.. gym teachers?

I have short arms. ok?

How can I stretch my arms?

There is a super hero that stretches..Stretch Armstrong. Remember him? I'll have to check out what he eats..maybe I can adapt my physicality.
Yeah, kinda like that. :)

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