Monday, November 12, 2012

too many OPTIONS

I've noticed that when I have too many options...I can't
"think straight".

What's up with "thinking straight"?

"Think straight" is an unusual term. It's the same thing as being
"in focus".

Am I "in focus"?

"In focus" is a photography term. It is an easier adjustment physically. You can't just 'will' the subject into focus. You need to manually turn a lens which doesn't include digital
"automatic settings".

"Automatic settings"...when did this happen? Was it around the time that ADD meds were invented? The
"quick fix".

Is there such a thing as a "quick fix"?

Slow fixes are better. They last longer than quick. The journey is more interesting along the way. The danger in slow fixes are that they have a potential of getting sidetracked.
"Sidetracking" is not good when you want to
"think straight".

too many OPTIONS.

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