Saturday, September 15, 2012

How Cheap Am I?

I like the word cheap!

Some people think I should use the expression "in-expensive" but really I'm O.K. with the word "Cheap".

I feel a challenge in the word cheap, like I've been hunting for something and wouldn't stop to buy it until I was satisfied with the price...or else I wouldn't buy it at all. That kind of makes me finicky or persnickety too. I'm O.K. with these nomenclatures as well.

It took me two trips around the pharmacy section to find exactly the correct product for the correct price...but I did it. And, did take a longer time than it could have..and no, I wasn't in a hurry. I didn't have any children pulling on my purse strings either. I'm alone in my shopping time and I have the luxury of spending as much time and energy as I want to on one item's hunt.

Want to know what I bought? Here's my purchase of the day:
Instead of the usual liquid soap (by the 64 oz  container) I purchased a two pack of bar soap, 88 cents, which I cut into slices, forced those slices into the old liquid soap pump bottle and added water. Ta-da! I'll have some great liquid soap that will last a really long time because I'll just keep adding water until it stops producing bubbles.

Great idea right?

p.s.  I should add that there are recipes out there using glycerin, and boiling water, shaving your bar soap etc.....I don't care. I'm too cheap for that. Extra added time, energy and added products are not my style. Simple is better. This method works fine for me.

What is your cheap trick?


  1. I'm impressed. Seems I'm always buying soap. I just load up at the dollar store. My cheap trick is buying name brand toothpaste at the dollar store and using the coupon from the ads on it. They allow it. I've gotten a tube of toothpaste for .25 cents. Every little bit helps;)

    1. oooooo...good tip! I didn't know that you could use coupons at dollar stores...nicely done! I'm trying that this week.

  2. I'm a couponer. That's my best tip. I've saved up to 30 bucks at the grocery store in one trip. And I don't mind the term "cheap" either. Whatever it takes. The only thing I don't buy cheap is toilet paper. :-)


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