Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A-Z Toilet Brush

I love  don't like  it when strangers talk to me,
as if they know me.

I'm usually in a random place where I am either:
In a hurry.. trying to have alone time .. or I am embarrassed
to be wearing what I'm wearing or my hair and make-up
are non-existent and I have my pajamas sloppy clothes on.

Today was the day that I was none of these.

I actually laughed out loud while listening to a random
lady tell me about her 'friend who used a toilet
brush as a back scratcher!'

It was funny because he didn't know it wasn't a
back scratcher...he told her how he didn't really
much care for it and he didn't think it worked very
well...he decided to use it as a toilet brush instead.

Gaffawwwwww!!! Chuckle Snort! That was funny!

I immediately started to think of things that I used
for purposes other than what they were meant to be used.

Do you have anything that you use that is not what
it's supposed to be used for?

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