Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A-Z Unbelievable!

Someone I know uses that word a lot.
But, I don't think it means what he thinks it does.

He tends to use it as an expression to say,
I don't really want to say what I'm actually thinking
so I'm going to say unbelievable.

If every time he said Unbelievable to me
I truly just said something that was
My stories would be pretty incredible.
My experiences would be extraordinary.
I just don't buy into that I'm that interesting.


Some words are just over-used.
I've been told that I say "actually" a lot.
I wonder why I say that....hmmm.

I think I also say other words that must
annoy the circle of people in my life but
they are sweet enough not to mention it
to me...or they don't want me to know it.


Are you over-using any words?


  1. Oh my, I over use way too many words: certainly, ACTUALLY, a lot, always, and word to yo' mother;) just kidding on the wtym, or maybe not;)

  2. I don't mind over used words so much as verbal ticks such as 'um' 'aaaa' or 'like' when a comma would do.

  3. I agree. I'm in a new job position where the presenters all say "uh" a lot. I need to get used to hearing it because I'm not in a position to comment on it. It's tough!


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