Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I...wait for it.....V.....Y!

I have this blogging lovefest going for my children
right now, so I thought I'd take the last
time to talk about my middle child...IVY.

That's my Ivy.

My biologist daughter who is into vegetarianism,
ecology, what's right with the world and how she
can make sure it stays that way.

Yes...she works in a greenhouse during the summer
an hopes to work her way into being a full time
person in charge of perennials.

Ivy is beautiful without makeup. What's up with that?
No matter how hard I try to offer makeup tips,...she refuses!
Her hair is the color, texture and quality of what
women pay hundreds of dollars for at the salon
and yet she wears it in a pony tail...every single day.
Ever since her freshman year of high school...(she's 24 now).

When I was pregnant with
Ivy : ...I craved vegetables...: she's a vegetarian

Holly : watermelon : she drinks a lot of water/fluids.
Sam : greasy hamburgers : He now cooks at Steak & Shake
and is a meat lovin' guy

...I wonder if Ivy and Sam will want to
guest post like Hols did? hmmmmmmm.....

Do you think it is possible that pregnancy cravings and
what the child turns out to like or dislike makes sense?

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