Thursday, April 26, 2012

A-Z Westerman

My other family was the Westermans.

When I was a child (#7 out of 8) we lived next
door to the Westermans. They had 5 kids and most
of those 5 were very close to my age. The oldest
was just 3 years older than me and the youngest
was 3 years younger than me. That puts me right
in the middle.

I was another family's middle child.

Of course they had a girl the same age as me.
We were attached at the hip. Ever since I can remember.
We did everything together, sports, games, make-up,
parties and Friday night Polka Dances (that's what
happens on a Friday in Wisconsin).

I was one of them...

Were you a member of someone else's family?


  1. Oh yes, especially since I was an only child. I spent a lot of my childhood at my friend, Paula's house. She had an older and younger brother and a mom who was a great cook (mine wasn't). I loved being part of their family.

    1. I just went to my other family's mom and dad's 50th anniversary. It's so cool to be loved!

  2. yes, a couple different families at different time. Isn't it a great gift? I always welcomed other kids into our family as well.

    1. Very cool of you to reciprocate. I be you're a great second mom!

  3. Yes, many. I am very lucky to say I have been welcomed with open arms into many families. I hope I can give my children's friends that same loving feeling. Home away from home.


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