Friday, April 27, 2012

A-Z "X"ample

It's so hard to be a Christian Parent...a Christian Friend...
a Christian Spouse.

It seems that we have so much pressure
to always do, say, be perfect. To set the eXample.

And do I hold the bar too high for others?

A mature Christian realizes that there is no perfection that's
attainable. We can only live life knowing that we have
been redeemed of all our imperfections (sins). A price was
paid 'for us' by Jesus and we can't do anything to pay
Him back. For that reason it's hard to be the eXample.

I wonder if I'm trying to hold other people to that standard
without realizing it? Do I try to hold my
children, friends and spouse to a higher standard because
of the example set by Jesus Christ?

What's wrong with me? Don't I know that that's not

I need to be a better Christian. period.

I need to Set the eXample more than I eXpect the eXample!

I'm going to work on my Christian maturity this week.


  1. That's not being a bad christian, it's human. We always expect more of people. I think there is a difference between expectations and judgment. Are we judging someone because they did or did not do something? Or do we know they can do better? Weirdish gray area there. We are always evolving, always coming to realizations, it's how we grow. Liked the "X", smart;)


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