Friday, June 29, 2012

Pop goes the swimsuit!

It seems impossible that in the matter of one week I could have gained 20 lbs!
Thusly it also seems impossible that I have lost 40 pounds since May.

I didn't...really!!!! I'm sure..... It's totally the difference in scales.

Yes, I made a pan of brownies to take to a Bunco Game and yes,...I did eat some 
of the afore mentioned brownies...but nooooooo way did I gain 20 lbs. This is what the 
scale at the fitness center is trying to tell me.

For this reason I am going to list my top 10 ways to tell that I have lost weight.


10. My flip flops don't fit anymore. They slide around on my feet (yes, I lost weight
in my feet!) to the point of the thong going in-between the wrong toes..(sometimes

it's annoying but mostly just kind of fun to play around with).

9. Every pair of pants fits better or I've had to take-them-in (that's slang for sewing the seams
to make them smaller).

8. The dress I used to need to wear a girdle with..looks just fine without the girdle! Yay!

7. I am no longer ashamed to go sleeveless. This is also good news for keeping cool in the
recent 100 degree weather spurt.

6. Men are opening doors for me. And even starting to look in my direction. (it has
been a while since that's happened).

5. I think, and this may just be wishful thinking, but my own children are respecting
me more. I really think it's because they're proud that I'm getting my act together
and doing something instead of just being a couch potato.

4. I can cross my legs...put my tennis shoes on...and tie them without feeling that my
stomach is bulging into my esophagus while cutting off all air flow and circulation to
my face. yay!

3. Sucking in my gut results in a flatter looking gut. (Now I just have to tone, tighten,
sculpt and tan. lol!)

2. I can carry the laundry basket up and down the steps without my knees giving out. Big Yay!

1. And finally, I have lost enough weight to create a slag in the back clasp of my swimsuit
resulting in it's ability to un-clasp while exercising. Embarrassing yet rewarding
 at the same time.

I'm excited to keep this journey afloat. No pictures until I'm ready for them. 


  1. You deserve an award for moving towards a healthier lifestyle. Isn't it great when you start seeing the changes?! Thanks for popping by my Imagine Aging Well blog!

  2. Thanks to you too!!! Make a Joyful Noise!

  3. Hats off to you! it's so hard to drop the pounds. I've the fighting the same 20 for 20 years!

  4. Thanks Mare. I'm taking it day to day. I've got a lot of major changes happening and it always seems that food is the go-to for comfort. I'm trying. I figured if I blog about it...put it out would be a good way for me to stay on track. Same pounds for those years? I would think you have a love hate relationship with those pounds of yours. lol!!!! You got this girl!!!!


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