Thursday, June 21, 2012


Thank you MareBare for the gift of the "Liebster Blog Badge".

I love the word Liebster. The German meaning is LOVELY.

I'm honored.

I have to say...German speak is part of my heritage. I just spent
a week with meine Liebster Tante my Lovely Aunt Gladys, and my
incredibly awesome little sister on Key Biscayne Island  in Florida. 
to be exact. We partied (87th birthday style) all week and spoke a
little German too.

We swam in the ocean (got lots of sun...the peeling of the skin kind).
We sang WWII songs and played the accordion.
We played Yahtzee and ate lots of food...(I like Ham- Thanks Joanne!)

I was even asked to sing a duet with the pastor at Auntie's church ..
"Just a Closer Walk With Thee" her favorite song (we rocked the house!)
I'll have to blog about the biblical garden she planted next to the church.
It's so gorgeous.

Back to the Liebster Blog.

Here are seven things about me...

1. I don't make my bed every day...but I like to sleep in a bed that's been made.
2. I currently have 5 bottles of water opened and ready to drink...somewhere in the house.
3. I like beets...I don't like ice cream.
4. I have patience for other peoples children.
5. Moving water makes me happy...
6. If I have time to kill, I will always sit down and play the piano...if I have cleaning to
do, I will always sit down and play the piano.
7. I collect musical instruments. I can play them all.

Life is good....focus on the positive...
Pray....Praise....and Give Thanks!!!!


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  2. Our cleaning habits and bed-making skills are the same. :-) Thanks for the knowledge of liebster...I was wondering. Glad to see you back! Have a great day!


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