Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A-Z O(h), What a Beautiful Memory!

Oh, What a beautiful morning,
Oh, what a beautiful day,
I've got a beautiful feeling
Everything's going my way.
Oscar Hammerstein II

Musical Theater.
Now that's a subject I'd
like to blog about ...

Favorite Musical Moment:

"Beauty and the Beast!"

 True story!

-   1991 Disney releases the first full length musical in
     a long time.
     Mom (me) promises to take daughter
     Hols (miniature musical genius)
     to see "Beauty and the Beast
     if... it ever becomes a Broadway musical.

-   1994  "B&TB" Hits Broadway (who-da-thunk?)

-   1995-20ish  Mom, not financially capable of making
     good on Broadway promise....takes Hols to
     local (and very good) dinner theater production
     of "B&TB".

-   2010  Hols gets a gig as production assistant for
     Disney's National tour re-release of "B&TB".
     She was hired by them for
     the 6 week prep before the tour started.

-   Sometime during final week of rehearsals Hols calls
    mom and asks for help finding brads for the wolf costumes.
    She can't locate what they
    need locally... and by the way.....

-   Invites her dad and me to come and see
     the final dress rehearsal in Rhode Island.

-   Final week of rehearsal- Fly to Rhode Island
     to see Dress Rehearsal for B&TB!

-   Final dress rehearsal (Rhode Island) before tour hits
    the road.  Rob Roth director of B&TB stands right in
    front of me to welcome all and
    explain how special this moment is!

-   I know how special this moment was! Do you?
    Rob Roth?

-   Super bowl party with the cast of B&TB!

It had come full swing. 
A mom promising something really special to her 
daughter and her daughter making that promise come true!

Thanks Hols! You made OUR dream a reality!

True story... I have a hat to prove it! lol!

     Do you have a favorite Musical (theater) Memory?

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