Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A-Z "P" Guest Post (?)

WoW! Thanks Hols!

Today The letter "P" is being brought to you
by my daughter Hols....She asked...
I can't believe it myself...But once you 
read could I say no? 

the kid who:
Went to Italy without taking me along...
Went to Time's Square
without taking me along...

The kid who:
Stole my first set of brain cells because
I believe that for every child you have...
what you give to them are brain cells.
I mean actual physical brain cells.
Thus begins the fall into 1/4zheimers!

Forget about passing on the DNA...
my other two (biologically minded)
kids will debate that all 
day long...

(this is a long post so get a cup 
of coffee and a snack, she's wordier than 
I am...she's a real writer)

I humbly submit post "P": Who knew?


Ok, I lied. I told my mom I was going to write her "P" post about praying in St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome. It's beautiful, and amazing, and the closest to palpable devotion you will find on earth. You walk in to the sanctuary and lose any other thoughts you were holding on to... But that's another story. 

Because my Mom was right: Parents are important. For those of you that follow this blog, I am the granddaughter of the lady in the funny hat, and the daughter of the lady with the funny words. As a tribute on this Day of P, let me share some of my Parent insights....

1. Parents are people. I know! Mind... blown. Do you remember the first story a parent told you and you did the "You had a life before I was born?" double take? I just had one of those with my Dad. He started telling me about his job working in a psychiatric ward in college. At some point, I realized that my parents did not go straight from being my grandparents' kids to being my parents. They have a history. They have experiences. Maybe they sometimes do just understand.

2. Parents are patient. Humans... we make mistakes. If the Olympics had a Verbal Sparring event, I would rival Michael Phelps in the record books. Unfortunately, my Mom usually got the brunt of it. As I get older, I admit more and more to the times maybe... possibly... definitely... it was my attitude that started the problem. I would charge into the thick of a it just knowing I knew better than her this one time. Thankfully, after the failure and the tears, Mom would pick me up, dust me off, and send me in the right direction. No matter how many times it took. Or how often I didn't realize she was doing it.

3. Parents are precious. I think that says it all. Good, bad, beautiful and everything in between, parents are the closest we get to spending our whole lives with someone besides ourselves. Sure, you get older and get married, but your parents are the ones there from day one. They know why that teddy bear will never be thrown away. They can tell when something is wrong. And even if they can't, or they don't, or they won't... being half the reason you are alive is awesome in and of itself ;)

Alright, I didn't say I had any new insights. Some things, I just needed to learn for myself. Yup... Mom was right ;)


  1. What a great tribute to parents! I only hope one day my daughter will feel the same :)

  2. Thanks Brianna! She's pretty great! I'm sure your daughter is too. I heard someone say that it happens somewhere around 25. I think it's true. :)

  3. Beautiful post from a loving daughter! So much wisdom in what she says. You can be (and I'm sure you are) proud of her. I was fortunate enough to have wonderful parents and two beautiful daughters who love me and are loved by those who know them. Best regards to both of you. Ruby aka Grammy

  4. Thanks Grammy! You sound like a great person! It's joy when it all works out isn't it? Get past the tough times and go from there.
    Happy Blogging! "Make a Joyful Noise!"

  5. That's wonderful. I'm going to hug my boys and call my mom now :)

  6. Sweet! Thanks all works out in the end. Have a great day!

  7. Very sweet. What a blessing of a daughter you must be!

  8. Why doesn't Hols have a blog? I'm going to have to get on her about that. I think blogging is in our DNA.

    It really was beautiful, and it made me weepy. Wow, great job, Mom, you have a great daughter!

    Nice job, Hols, beautious;)

  9. She go get her. She is an awesome writer (like you).
    Ya, I have some pretty awesome kids all around (like you).
    It must be in the DNA!!!

    We're lucky like that!


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