Monday, April 16, 2012

A-Z New York!

New York!

A couple of weekends ago
my sis and I went to..


Set your timer....
What we did in 48 hours:

-  Rockefeller Center tour

- NBC complex from the outside
- Purchased Street Art

- Times Square
- Saw "Best Man" featuring: video

Ex-President Arthur Hockstader
James Earl Jones
Senator Joseph CantwellEric McCormack
Mabel CantwellKerry Butler
Alice RussellCandice Bergen
Mrs. Sue-Ellen GamadgeAngela Lansbury
Secretary William RussellJohn Larroquette
Dick JensenMichael McKean
Sheldon MarcusJefferson Mays
- Trump Tower
- Richard Chamberlain ~ Crossed the street together :)
- National Music Teacher's Assoc. Vendors
- Italian Restaurant

I'm tired....It was Awesome!!!!!!

Have you been there? What did you do?


  1. I went with that same person you mentioned. She is seasoned! We packed it all in, Empire state, battery park, ground zero, Chicago {awesome}, best sushi ever, shopping, Rockefellar Center, Little Italy, China town and much more. I skipped the Today show and slept instead, I'm totally okay with that. Glad you had fun! She showed me the pics and vid of the carriage ride, haha!

    1. Rupert's Deli was our funnest...I think... tiny...teeeny...tiny...

  2. Sounds fun! Except for the time I rode through parts of Harlem in the 60s (my dad took the wrong exit on the way from Massachusetts to Philadelphia), I've never been to NYC. Not sure why because I've been lots of other places.

  3. That must have been scary back then. New York felt very safe and open to me. I loved it. Maybe you'll go someday.


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