Saturday, December 3, 2011


Hello, my name is Suzi and I'm a lost-a-holic.

There's something about getting in the car and driving that really turns me on. Not that it's an exciting feeling to drive, but I really, truly do enjoy it. I guess it's the unexpected happenings that are waiting to happen down the street. A driver whom you know might pass you by, and there, you saw a friend, made a contact that you weren't expecting to. It makes me smile.

Yesterday, for example, I headed off to a new client's house. I engaged in my usual Friday-mid-day-chatter with my lovely Aunt G (driving while talking on the phone is another "holic" I have) and went on my way. I promised myself that this time, I would write down the googled instructions and stick to them. Even though, as usual, I had a pretty little picture map all painted in my imagination.
It's something like this: I go Ntravel angel to magically point me in the right direction (silly me...I should know better by now). So I'm turning a new leaf. I'm really thinking that I won't need the written down version of directions with street names and house numbers etc. but I'll take it with me anyway. After all, I'm on the 12 step program and trying to kick the lost-a-holic habit:

1. Look up directions instead of assuming you know where your destination is.
2. Write down directions.
3. Take the directions with you.
4. Actually read the directions you take.
5......I'm not to this step yet......

So as you see, I made it all the way to step 4. I looked at the directions..I followed them.. and I guess there was a tree branch in the way or something because somehow I missed the street. But here's the best part of the story. When coming back through the turn-around I saw a walker... I'm great at used to asking directions... so I slowed down. Simultaneously we look, me to my right, her to her left, and shhhing Aunt G on the phone now listening intently...we see, standing in the middle of the street, two of the most gorgeous, beautiful, deer. They were looking at us as if they were waiting for us to come and visit with them. We stared with excitement, but they seemed to think to themselves that we weren't interested in engaging with them, so they meandered off casually to their next appointment. I was so happy and in wonder of their beauty that I almost forgot to ask for directions. But the lady knew exactly where my street was and I had a terrific "lost" moment.

Maybe getting lost isn't as bad as it's made out to be.
There is beauty in everything.

not the deer I saw. I couldn't get my phone camera soon enough. but so cute.

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