Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sticker On My Cheek

Here I sit with a sticker on my cheek. :)

There is a possibility that I will go to sleep with it still stuck on my upper left cheek bone. And you know what? That's o.k. I completely forgot it was there lol!

You might be wondering why it's there, and how it got there. Well, I'm a teacher. I'll stop right there and you will understand. Oh my gosh, how many times have we seen people walking through the store with a name tag or a sticker stuck to their lapel?

And that's exactly what happened to me this evening. Post office, Walgreens, Taco Johns.

No wonder people were smiling at me. I honestly thought it was because it's Christmas time and people are in a good mood and all...but if it takes a glittery blue flower, outlined in pink, sticker on my cheek to get that extra smile.

So be it. :)

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