Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Traveling Tip #1 Skinny Jeans

Tip number one.

Don't pack your skinny's why:

First of all the last time you wore those skinny jeans was when? Right, no idea. Just because hiking is on the agenda doesn't mean it's going to happen, and those inches you were planning on taking off while you were hiking didn't happen either.

Here's what did happen:

You ate a big breakfast at the Holiday Inn because when traveling you never really know when or where your next meal will be. And eating a big breakfast full of eggs, rolls, juice, milk, coffee, etc will last you the entire day if you need it an "I don't know where we can stop to get some food, oh let's just keep going, we're almost there" kind of way.

You counted on the skinny jeans to be one of the two pairs of pants you were going to wear on your 5 day trip along with the really comfy skirt which - oops you forgot to pack. You did find a wonderful place to eat a big lunch and a great Ranch to have dinner and a show. The steak is cooked outside over an open fire and served up with a baked potato, rolls, beans, salad, and of course desert...oh that was extra? hu just had to.
Now, after the second day of non-hiking sight-seeing activities, and another big breakfast, just in case it's time to try on those skinny jeans...because well, the pants you have on are now your flying home in pants. An outfit for coming and going. That should work as long as you're careful not to spill any of the wonderful food you've been filling up with. But even so, you have a plethora of shirts, t-shirts, a light sweater, tanks, blouses because you want to be prepared for any type of weather or occasion..heh hem.

And they're too pull harder...stretch them by squatting...suck it in...squish and Not Gonna Happen!

not me by the way

UGGH! Why did you eat so much breakfast? lunch...supper...breakfast...etc. not to mention the chimichanga you had for lunch at the airport?

How about that skirt..oops forgot to pack about the stretchy purple work-out pants you brought to sleep in? Uh, no. Too purple, too stretchy, too short, too much like "she looks like she forgot to pack another pair of jeans" look to it. Not quite the look you were going for.

And we're back. Back to the same pair of traveling pants you wore for the plane ride, sight seeing days behind you and traveling home pants.

It's a good thing there was no hiking involved. The pants wouldn't have survived. Nor would the person sitting next to you on the plane.

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