Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Choice


I'm heading out for a five day trip to Colorado. It's ten thirty at night and this is what I'm doing. Up 'til now this is what I've done:  I played 100 pages of a classical piano book, I did the laundry (that's good) checked my social stuff, facebook, gmail, yahoo, hotmail, blog and before that I baked chocolate chip cookies. Before that I taught piano, and before that I went and got my hair dyed professionally for the first time. Nowhere in this list is packing.

It doesn't even bother me that I'm not packed yet. I know that I'll get it done. How do I know that? Because this is what I do. I'm a last minute move-it-or-lose-it kind of gal. Give me something to do and I'll have it done for you.....right before you need it. But don't give me too much time to do it.

I once heard that the Golden Gate Bridge is in a constant state of being painted. It is supposed to be painted every year. The thing is that it is so big that it takes one year to finish painting it and when that year is through it's time to start painting it  again. If feel that way with my life and every minute of it. It doesn't matter what I'm doing. I'm experiencing life while I do it. I could be watching television or I could be at the movie theater. This to me is a learning experience. For example my students and I are having a recital in November. The theme of the movie is "TV and Movie Music". Yes, all of the songs will be recognized by the audience because we hear them on Television or we see them in Movies. We'll even play "Name that Tune" with the audience. This is a very popular recital. I am holding it at a nursing home which is even better. The patrons love this stuff. Now, back to the point. I need to be familiar with the music that we will be presenting. This means that I'm studying while I'm watching....see? If one of my students wants to play a particular song, and I don't have it, I can write it for them because I recognize it. Yes, there's YouTube, but it's better if I'm familiar....but I digress.

If you think this blog is starting to sound like a diversion to help with my packing're probably right.

But you bought it.

Your choice.

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