Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pike's Peak

I'm going to Colorado next weekend. This is going to be a 4 day long trip meant for pure vacation time, site seeing etc. I wonder what it will be like? I've never been there. I hear good things.

Mostly I'm looking forward to seeing Pike's Peak. I've never seen a real mountain. Unless you count the hills of Tennessee. The Appalachians. They were really cool. As I drove around the winding hills, I felt as if I was going through a cloud. That is, I guess, what is actually happening. My ears popped just like when I flew on an airplane. I've been through the hills a few times so I have a good memory of it. But Pike's Peak? That's going to be really neat.

I'll have to blog about it when I get back. I wonder how close I'll be able to get to it? I know I won't be hiking it (bad knees, ankles etc) but I want to experience it somehow.

I'm excited.

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