Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sam's Club Parking Lot

I'm one of those people who often say, "You'll never guess what.......".

Well today's never guess is this:
As I was walking to my car, in a Sam's Club parking lot, I heard a familiar harmony not far away. There in their zebras striped, 80's off one shoulder styled, costumes were 4 women singing in full blown Barbershop Quartet Harmony. "The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music" was bellowing through the air stream as if I was standing on the Alps or wherever Julie Andrews did her never-ending twirl of song., being me, I says to myself, I must put this cart in  => that cart stop over there so I can inch my way closer to the ladies. I enjoy these moments. I needed to non-chalantly stroll by as to not look stalkerish but more fan like in my approach. Maybe a suggestive hand cupped behind my ear to indicate the I'm listening intently signal but not too heavy on the cupping so they didn't think I was signaling that it was bad. You know.

They smile and lure me in to their lair of tones waving as if they were celebrities and I was a stalkerish fan...shoot, I didn't want to do that. Oh well, here goes.

"That was beauti...""Are you a singer?" interrupts the tenor. "Um, yes I am. I used to be in a barbershop quartet way back in high school" says I. Well that's all it took....jibber jabber on and on went the foursome about how I could join, listen to, attend concerts, here's a card, watch this on youtube, the website this and that, last night we sang here, next weekend is the finals for ...... you'll love it, the best you've ever heard!

As I slithered back inching step by step out of the realm of Sweet Adalines, I couldn't help but think to myself-

They'd make really good Mary Kay ladies!


  1. YOU MUST JOIN THEM!!! They are adorable, I'm going to go You-tube them now:)

  2. Cari, I just couldn't...I shouldn't...I can't...
    It's so much fun, and so silly and stuff and honestly I need a little silly in my life, but I just couldn't eat, sleep, think every moment in barbershop.
    I like too many other kinds of music to devote to just one genre.
    Plus, I'm really picky about harmonies and they would have to be really really on pitch..which means they would have to be the best, which would mean I'd have to eat, sleep, think and practice 24/7.
    I just couldn't....could I?! now stop it!

    Refer to the Mary Kay blog

    but thanks for the encouragement!


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