Monday, October 10, 2011

Lunch with a Friend

Lunching with a friend is nice.

*When you offer the rest of your brownie, she accepts it.
Even though you've forked away the majority of it on all straight cut sides.

*When she takes a call from her daughter you mouth please watch my purse while I go to the rest room. 
 Even though she had to go herself.  And when you get back she says now it's my turn.

*When you finish her sentence, she agrees with you.
Even though you interrupted her while she was trying to make the same point.

*******What do you like about lunching with a friend?*******


  1. I like the one about finishing her sentence, haha. So true.
    When lunching with a friend, I like that feeling when you wish they would stop asking you questions because you want to hear anything and everything about them.
    That and... testing their food. To check for poison, you know. That's what true friends do. :P

  2. I like being able to chat about anything and everything without being judged. Just being able to 'be'. :)


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