Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Brain on Music

I'm trying to read a book.

You're laughing too.

But really, really I'm trying. I pick it up at least once a day. I open to the spot where I left off (still in the introduction pages) and try. I read to myself, I read out loud, I skim for what I think might be the highlights. I try.

It's kind of like/but not, when I say to my sister over the phone (very early in the morning) "so what 'ya doin?" and she always responds with "I'm trying to drink my coffee". It makes me giggle every time. Trying to drink your coffee? Is it working?

Yes folks that's me. I'm a try really hard to, but for some dyslexic reason, can't read a book type of person.

The book I'm trying to read is called This Is Your Brain On Music by Daniel J Levitin.
I get it. The conceptualization of his thinking is in sync (not the boy band) with mine. It makes sense to me. I'm excited to read the next discovery which he has made about music pertaining to brain functions. Why can't I read it?


So here's my proposition.

If anyone wants to read this book...break it down....and give me a book report...I'll.......
trade you something. I don't know what. We can barter. I have skills. I'm game if you are.

Stop laughing.

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