Saturday, October 8, 2011

Baby Casts

I was cleaning/re-arranging whatever you want to call it and found these.

These are teeny tiny baby casts. They went from the toes to the knees. I found another pair as well but these are cooler because as you can see they have been "signed" by the sisters. I'm really quite impressed that they are still so white and intact. After all, they are 20 years old. Not only that, they have been moved twice. Once across town and once 4 states away! Believe it or not, they were only in a plastic bag in the drawer of my buffet!

I'm also very impressed that baby Ivy, 3 years old at the time of casting, could sign her name so well. Holly took it upon herself to be a little more picturesque and monikered on the under side of the foot. I remember how she at age 5 was reasoning that, Baby Sam wasn't able to walk anyway, so it would be alright to sign the bottom of the cast. Who could argue?

Yup these are the baby casts which (Bubba) Sam wore when he was an infant. Ivy also had to wear similar casts when she was a baby, but I didn't have the foresight to keep hers. I just use Sam's pair(s) as a reference to show her that she was just ast small and in a similar situation.

It's called in-toeing. How on earth did two of my children every have that I'll never understand. Apparently it runs in the family. I recall Staci having braces and I'm sorry, but I'm not quite sure if any of my other nephews or nieces had casts or braces or anything. Truth be told I have a lazy right hook to my foot as well. But wherever this in-toeing came from here is the historical proof for my kids.

Amanda Baker (grandma) Brockhause was quite pigeon-toed as I recall. I know Marvin (dad) Kleinke was as well and now that I put my mind to thinking about it, Gladys VanDenBerg is too. Come to think about it, it's got to be a Brockhause trait. I'm probably not spelling that correctly but I'm not in the mood to go look it up. That would only mean I'd have to start cleaning/re-arranging again and it's just too late to start a new project. I still have piles from the buffet drawer project...yikes.

Maybe I'll find more memories tomorrow.

I'm sure of it.

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