Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dye, Rinse, Condition, Style

I was going to write about the Mary Kay lady who is forcing me to purchase try her products...but I'm going to go with the advice of my sister-in-law love and "just say no"and leave it at that. (I'll let you know in a later blog how that all went.

No, this blog is all about the woman who cut my hair today. I'm not exactly sure which country she is from, but I'm sure she didn't originate in Texas like she says. She is a military wife and they move a lot. Texas was the last place she anyhooo....

So I get to the Great Clips (a step up, I thought, from the chop job I did in my bathroom about 3 weeks ago when I had a tremendous hot flash and was momentarily insane and grabbed the chunk and cut...yes the back too), close your mouths...I've been there before, I just fix it like my dad used to do when he bought a new car (he'd soup up the gas pedal so he didn't have to push the gas while driving around town).   side bar: how many paranthetical statements can I put in one sentence? anyone?

Back to Great Clips.

GC mystery cutter: Would you like a shampoo?"
ME: I think I can do that, says I, .... just dyed my hair yesterday. It's been 24 should be fine....right?"
GC: You haven't washed your hair since you dyed it?
ME: No. The instructions say not to for 24 hours.
GC: Are you kidding? You're supposed to shampoo right after you color. You have to. Your color will come out on your pillow case if you don't. You really didn't wash your hair after you dyed it?
ME: NO. I never have. I've been dying my hair for 30 years. I'm sure I have read the directions many times. The directions on the box say... dye hair, rinse thoroughly, and massage the conditioning cream in and leave sit for 2 minutes. Rinse out and style hair as usual.
GC: You Have TO SHAMPOO your have to. No wonder.
ME: Oh, my gosh....says I. Have you ever used a boxed dye at home?
GC: No, I have always had it professionally done. You have to shampoo it out!
ME: Oh, no. I can't believe I've been doing it wrong all these years!

moving on....

GC: How would you like your hair cut? 
ME: Straight bob at the bottom...maybe some layers for body.
GC: There, how's that?
Me: Let me put my glasses on so I can see. hmmm...let me check....well, this side is longer than the other side...(holding my hairs up to compare). The layers aren't blending, right here, see? 
GC: NO. I don't see. It looks even to me...
(back and forth....back and forth....banter...banter....showing her where..goes on forever....)
GC: Let me go get Trish. I'll see if she'll check it for me.
Trish: (combing...looking,...comparing...lifting...) SEE? This is what she's (meaning me) talking about.
GC: But...but, but....that's because, I didn't want to....cut too much.....but...not...well....uh...uh....
ME: That's all I'm saying. I don't want you to get into trouble GC, but I want even hair.

I still left a tip because I felt so dumb about the dye discussion...
Came home.....
Read the box.....



Should I take the instructions to her??????

Life goes on. I won't go back. Maybe I'll stick with my bathroom cuts.

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