Monday, September 12, 2011

Go Back To Sleep.

It's 1:23 AM and I am not asleep. I was, but now I'm awake.

I know that's not a very profound statement, but if you think hard, hard enough, you could come up with reasons why it could rock the world of thinkers.

Why did I wake up? Was it the thoughts running through my head that woke me or was it the fact that I woke up and then had so many thoughts running through my brain that I couldn't fall back to sleep? And why those thoughts? Couldn't those insignificant thoughts wait with their clarification until morning or at least until after I've had some coffee? I could totally think better after having one or two (a pot) cups of coffee.

So now I sit writing not what I've been thinking about, that possibly woke me up, but about the fact that I'm awake. This is probably the biggest waste of my time that I could possibly think about.

If you are reading this.....please don't be mad that I wasted your time too. I'll make it up to you. Somehow.

Go back to sleep.

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