Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gripe! Moan and Groan!


I'm starting to think this blog has become a gripe spot for me. If you want to read on...read at your own risk of boredom I guess. But this is going to be a bugger.

If we want to sell our house, it would be a good idea to replace some of the flooring...it's old and worn and well...some of it looks as if I laid it myself (which I did). Just the other day we were at Lowes and thought to check out the vinyl flooring...just in case there was a good price. Long story short, there was an awesome incredible price that we couldn't resist. We had to purchase it, that day, because believe it or not it was $1,000 dollars cheaper than the original price. Of course it is a discontinued pattern but who cares?

We thought we were getting the deal of the century and no matter what the installation price was going to be, it would be a bargain. After all, the price is so cheap. In fact, we decided to do 2 levels of our house which is a tri-level. I would have done the entire house if I could have gotten away with it. Boring flooring I know, but what do I care? I wasn't going to be here anymore.

Fast forward to the measuring and the estimating of labor and supplies. @4%#8&)I@*9%-492 !!!!!!
SCREEEEEECH! Are you (see earlier explatives) kidding me? $6, 375 DOLLARS!!!!!!! AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!

Break it down....Bring it down....brush the ceiling off my head.....uNbeLIEVable!

I made a call to a contractor who works for himself....I'm looking forward to having him come and estimate, measure and supply. I almost don't care what his quote comes to. I'm going to offer him some home made apple pie if it lowers the price any.


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