Saturday, August 27, 2011

You can go fishing and not eat the fish!

It used to bother me, a lot, that my father-in-law wouldn't eat fish. It bothered me because he liked to fish, a lot! He made a big thing out of going to the lake, getting the boat ready, having all of the right equipment. He made sure all things were safe, inspected, and working perfectly. He would take people fishing (that made sense) and enjoy the "biggest catch" stories when he got back with the "loot". He would then vigorously clean the day's catch while bragging about the one that got away and scaring the kids with guts and the threat of the sharp knife that would fillet the critter with one swoop. He would continue the adventure by heating up the grill and standing over his catch proudly watching the cooking of this feast every step of the way ensuring that it would be cooked just right for his meal guests.
It's the next part that I never understood. At the table he would pass on the gorgeous feast to the next person. And when asked if he would like some, he would say "No, I don't eat fish".


It wasn't until my tender years (now) of my life that I can say "Oh, now I get it. You're allowed to enjoy the adventure and satisfaction, the preparing and sharing of something. That's the cool part of any journey. It's not always the prize, it's the adventure".

Here's why I get it. I don't read. Well, at least I don't read novels. Whenever anyone, within ear shot of my kids, asks if I've read a certain book my children invariable chime in with, "Has it been made into a movie?" if not, don't even ask.

I can read, actually very well....out loud....but not to myself. Inside my mind is a plethora of ideas milling around waiting to come out and they protest for their own space and time which means....I have no more room in my brain for any more information to be stored. The RAM is about as close as I can get to actual HARD DISK space available. This in addition to dyslexia my novel reading days are well, not gone, but non-existent. publish and illustrate children's books....WHAHHH?

I get it and I apologize to my father-in-law. You can go fishing and not eat the fish.

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