Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why is toilet paper so expensive?

I was wondering, as I walked around K-mart looking at the over expensive candy, I wonder if Jerry Seinfeld has a blog? Why would I wonder that you might ask I says to myself, "why is toilet paper so expensive anyway?". I mean really, it's only paper.

Being somewhat of a paper aficionado via certification I have to wonder....why is this "titled" paper so expensive? It can't be because it's more expensive to make...believe me, I make the expensive homemade kind of paper as a hobby, I know the price to make paper. No it can't be that. Is it because it's beautiful in such a variety of rare colors that the dyes have to be imported or is it specially woven, bonded, imprinted? Even if there were such paper,....I doubt very highly that it would be sold at the local K-mart. Is it because it's rare and hard to find? Not by the looks of it by supplies upon supplies that I see taking over an entire half row of space at the "K". And I've been trying to avoid this speculation only because of it's grossness factor but here it goes....Is it because it's recycled....ugghh...if you know the answer to that,...please keep it to yourself, I don't want to go there on any level.

I'm guessing the correct answer is this :
Because we need it so badly that we'll pay anything to have it.

See Spare a Square with Elaine from Seinfeld....we've all been there!

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