Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gorgeous Day!

How can I be anything but bright and cheery today? The temperature outside is incredibly comfortably cool and inviting. I opened my sliding door and let the air in.....yes, finally! It's a breath of fresh air, literally.
I made a decision today. I think I need more vitamin D. Yup. It tried it a couple of times and it seemed to make a difference. I am usually (used to be) such a happy person. I want that back. I've got to do something....exercise, sun and diet change. Yes, that will do the trick...add in the vitamin D and I think I'll have much happier posts. I also have high hopes for the 29th of August. That's when my permanent crown is put in. Right now, I'm dealing with the pain of the temporary, still.

Here's to upcoming happiness. :)

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  1. Sorry I haven't been checking in. Time is flying by. It goes with MENOPAUSE. time moves faster. Nice Blog. Here is always hoping you are happy. Von


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