Saturday, August 11, 2012

Long Story......Longer....

I like to tell stories...

I like to tell long stories. I don't know - how NOT - to make a long story short. In fact I've been known to tell a long story and let you think I have come to the end of the story, but then just as you think it's over....I'll give you one last surprise ending.

This is one of those.

So as not to repeat myself, this link will take you to the beginning of this story by way of modern technology.

(click here for long story)

Now...for today's added edition:

Alice (from the last story) invited me to view her watercolor entry at a local art gallery. I was happy to oblige and as it turns out...she is a very talented painter. I highly recommend  her work..but I digress, her painting is not what this blog is about.

To further support Alice and the art gallery I purchased 2 raffle tickets, one for me and one for my friend Colleen. The painting, that was to be raffled, was a superlative watercolor of a beautiful 'bouquet of flowers'. Very beautiful. Alice was pleased that I had purchased my tickets from her and thanked me and said "Now I can turn my tickets in" as if I had just made my purchase under the gun. I told my friend the story of how Alice and I met, and we both pondered what God's plan was for bringing this lovely lady into my life.

Colleen and I said our goodbyes at the gallery by jokingly saying to Alice "Please let us know if we win". We left the gallery and continued on to our next destination, a friend's consignment shop, which is in the next town over.  We spent an half an hour enjoying the gorgeous antiques and menagerie of unusual and unique collections that she has on display. At the end of our visit we were trying to decide where to go next.

My cell phone interrupted us... It was someone from the art gallery.
She said "You Won the Door Prize! would you like to come back and pick it up?"

WOW! I won! I was so excited!!!!!!

Colleen and I made a quick stop at my favorite bakery (c'mon it was only a block away from where we were) and then headed over to pick up my Beautiful-New-Watercolor. Where should I hang it? I have never had anything so special. I guess I knew exactly where to put it. I have a huge open spot in the middle of my dining area wall....just waiting for this...I guess. We thought it was just too perfect. I couldn't believe I had won.

We entered the gallery....I walked up to the reception area...I announced..."Hi, I received a call, I won the door prize"  :).

The smiling lady said "here you go" as she reached behind her to get the 1' tall box lying on the floor. She handed it to me stating "it's a butterfly house".

"Huh?" said I.

"Yes, the door prize is a butterfly house" she said as she smiled happily for my win.

"O0h, I thought I won the painting" said me : (

LAUGHTER from the crowd...was all my ears could hear. .."That drawing isn't until NOVEMBER! ~sigh~ "she thought she won the painting".

I guess the lesson here might be....don't expect to know God's plan. He's got it under control....
God has a sense of humor!


Anyone want a Butterfly House?

Directions: Put the house 3ft off the ground, in a sunny spot...near a bush that attracts butterflies.


  1. I meant SHORT STORY LONG......I'm so confused. :)

  2. I like your long/short stories! Well, yes, that sounds like me. I thought I won a huge 1000 gift card once, but it turned out to be some press on tatoos. Yes, God indeed has a sense of humor.

    By the way, I love that font in the post!

    Love you!

    1. Press on tatoos? I'll trade one butterfly house for a set of press on tatoos :)

  3. It's funny isn't it... watching God's plan unfold so unexpectedly. I wonder what's in store for this week?

    Love you too.


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