Sunday, April 1, 2012

A-Z Don't forget your license!

Traveling tip #2- DON'T forget your license!

I was only detained for a short while, but it was very embarrassing to say the least. Here was my thought process:

Thursday night....Pack! I was on schedule...I finished teaching and sat down to eat a bite before the great clothing debate for my two day weekend trip to New York City. She, was who I was going to meet, telephoned me to see how things were going and to say how excited she was that I was coming. I wish I had a dollar for every time she said "Well, I should let you go, so you can pack".  lol!

I had a great idea (not!), since I just got my brand new AARP card in the mail (I turned 50 in February) I could take it to New York to see if any of the establishments would accept it. Surely it would save me a little bit of money. Yes I'll pack it...but I'll only take the bare minimum with me. My faux suede Indian head printed wallet from my trip to Colorado Springs, should be small enough to fit in my pocket, thus not having to carry a purse. My license and one credit card should be great. That's all I'll need for identification and purchases (and cash). .... 2 cards needed, while 3 cards were thought about while packing.

Ha! If you're a sleuth, you already know where I'm going with this.! 2 cards that's all I'll need!
 ...@2:00 A.M. sleepy eyed, checking Indian Head Suede Wallet for.. "all I'll Need!".

Fast Forward to the Airport........

"M'am, are you sure you don't have your license or anything else with you that has your photo or your address? a bill? a prescription bottle?". This was what I heard repeated 3 times by 3 different security officers and over the phone, while other passengers rubber necked me standing in the middle of the security lines, "All you have is your Credit card and your AARP card with you?"


I guess I answered all the questions correctly about my home town and how long I have lived there, including the past two mayor's names , that they let me fly that day.... Thank you to my husband for over-nighting my DRIVER'S license to the hotel.

I'm grateful that the officer didn't make a crack about the AARP card and forgetting...

Don't forget your license!

(I wish I could do my "A-Z" A over again...I'd have written about my AARP card.


  1. hahahahaha! Or maybe not because now I'm worried about forgetting my license! :)

  2. Love your profile pic! I have something kind of similiar. We empty nesters think alike!

  3. They really shouldn't give seniors a hard time like that! hahaha! just kidding. I really don't even think of you as are a sprite 50, you know. Still can't wait to hear about the trip:)

    1. Cari ~Thanks! Sprite is an awesome word :) List of NY events to come soon.

  4. Hi there! Wow, I'm glad everything turned out okay. I would have been freaking out! :) Every time I go on a trip, I always forget *something* ...usually it's only something like sunscreen, which I can buy anyway, but if it was my license, I don't know what I'd do!

  5. Shelley~ Hi
    Thanks for reading. I love that you are an author...
    I still can't believe I did that! But at least I had my AARP card (tongue in cheek) which I never took out once the whole trip (other than the airport).

  6. I'm glad you got your license. I would have been freaking out too.

    1. I was pretty calm for someone who was being held like a fugitive. But thanks. I'm glad and I owe my husband big-time for sending it to me... :0
      Make a joyful Noise!


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