Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A-Z. Be Nice!

Be Nice.

That's all I think we can ask of each other.

We should respect the fact that everyone isn't wired the same.

For example:

When stopping at the drive-thru, we should realize that the person who is taking your order is not just taking your order, he/she is also taking the money from and making change for the person in the car two cars ahead of you. He/she is also answering a question asked them by a manager about the order prior to that. He/she is also doing this while training the newbie of the shift because all newbies start out at drive-thru.

And not that they have enough to think about while this is going on...he/she has been working a 15 hour shift because 3 people walked out on their job the day before and the manager hasn't filled in the positions yet. And when they get off in 30 minutes, he/she will then go home to "crash" so that they can come in to work in 5 hours because the afore mentioned positions haven't been filled yet.

And not that they have enough to worry about, they have to buy their own meal at the restaurant that they slaved at because those are the rules and there are no perks for this minimum wage job, and no insurance because they are considered part time. So the doctor's bill, that is waiting for them at home for whatever illness or childbearing family they are trying to support, is going to be unpaid this month because the rusty old piece of metal on 4 wheels needed a new transmission....and gas.

And though we might want to say " How hard is it to put catsup on a hamburger and include a straw for my drink? " you might first say to yourself:

Be nice.


  1. I love, loved this. It really does make me want to give someone a hug right now. Great perspective:)

  2. I've been wanting to write this for a while now. The stories I heard from Val, and now from Sam...both working for a 24 hour restaurant, well...you get a different perspective on life.


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