Friday, January 13, 2012


I know that the title of my blog is "Make a Joyful Noise", but this makes me mad!!!

I'm going to if you don't want to continue reading I understand.

Here goes **** I CAN'T STAND IT WHEN PEOPLE ENTER A ROOM AND THE ONLY THING THEY SAY IS " WHAT'S ON T.V.? or WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING?" and then they continue to stare at the television as if it was something completely bright shiny and new and they have never ever seen the likes of something that cool or, "wow...I'm hypnotized by the mystery of the box at the end of the room...who are those really interesting people in that square and what is there story all about? That piece of furniture over there is so interesting that nothing in real life could ever compare to how wonderful that cube with the moving pictures on it could ever be. I'm so mesmerized by the distracting beautiful figures and their clothing and the witty charm of those pretend male nerd characters that I don't even notice that I have real people in front of me right now that might have something to say. Something that might even pertain to my actual life, something that matters to me and maybe my future, present or past or my family or friends."

I can on only conclude that I must be the most boring, most uninteresting, most invisible person to have this type of conduct happen, yes, every single time someone in my household walks into the room where I am sitting and the television is on. I'm grumpy about it. So there!

Yes, I have asked, begged, lectured, yelled, sworn, and pleaded for this type of interpersonal communication to stop. Obviously it hasn't and I'm forced to write a blog about it...because I have no-one else to complain to. This blog is my co-worker. This blog is my friendly conversationalist. This blog is my release. I work from home. I own my own business. I'm the sole employee of a company of one. I don't have an office buddy to complain to and to go out after work with for a drink. So it and weep. (I warned you to stop reading a long time ago...this is getting icky!).'s midnight and everyone is asleep but me.

I wonder what's on t.v.?

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