Friday, January 6, 2012

80's Revisited

What Happened?

Someway, somehow I have become one of those people who can't seem to change their style. I am a product of the '80's and I guess I'm stuck there!!!!!

It's not on purpose and I don't even like it but for some let me show you.

Here's the story about the Hair.

I am in the middle of the worst haircut ever!!!! I know, I say that every time I go to a salon, but this time it's truer than usual. The first visit, cut was crooked...I then ran into a friend who cuts hair and asked her to fix it....ooops! note to self : Don't do that again. She fixed it by making it into a helmet cut on the top and didn't fix the uneven part I asked for. At my next chance to fix it, I was the morning of my brother's funeral I went to the only open and available, close to the hotel place, which was a Great Clips. UGGGHHHHH!!!!!! She cut it shorter and still uneven...and to top it off...they called in the teasing expert to tease. And I quote, "You have the Kewaskum Hair! Don't worry, it will settle down by this evening!!!"!!!!!!!!UUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! 

I'm so glad no one was fixated on my hair last Saturday (Annette)! I should have just gotten a scissors from the Walmart like I was debating. 

I will quote myself by saying, "the only person who can cut my hair right is ME!". 
I just should today I did!!!!! and now look!!!!  Just like I used to do it in the 80"s!!!!!! What is wrong with me?????? I'm stuck in time!!!! I always giggle at people who are stuck in time! 

And don't even get me started on my peasant dresses and jean jackets and black turtle necks!!!! 

HELP! I need a make-over!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I'm still chopping away at my hair....uggggggggg!!!!! How can it grow out if I have to keep evening it out every day? help...I need a really good hair cutter!!!!!


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