Saturday, January 21, 2012


Tonight I was reminded of something. Something that I think is a really strange phenomenon.

Synonyms: alter egocarboncarbon copyclone,counterpartimage (or doppelganger), doubleduplicate,duplicationfacsimilefetchlikenesslook-alikematch,mirror imagepicturereplicaringerspitspitting image,twin

Yup. Two of them.  Randoms. And one more. Plus 3 others.

The first doppelganger was an 11 year old boy who looked so much like a friend of mine from my childhood. I had to stare look at him. A couple of times. From different angles and distances. It was just uncanny. The poor little guy probably thought I was some kind of freaky lady or something but even so, I looked with a studying eye. How is it possible? The features of this person both the adult version and the kid version are so distinctive. I have never seen this unusual squarish protruding jaw-line on any other human before. And his

Fast forward to later in the evening. 

At the same event I came across another doppelganger. At least I think she was. I even spoke directly to this woman and asked her long she lived in the area....did she have children the same age as mine....did they attend the same school.....was she a member of any of the organizations that I was a member of........? Of course the answer to all of these questions was a conclusive "no" or the equivalent to that in fact finding. Hmmm.....I don't know where I've seen her before but she herself says that this isn't the first time she's been questioned like this. She has been mistaken for someone else before I stepped in with the third degree.

Hmmmmm. Curiouser and curiouser.

There is a lady who works at a restaurant who looks exactly like my neighbor.
There was a man who came knocking at my door who looked exactly like a different neighbor.

But this. This is the story that really gets my mind working

 in fullCinematic Color.

It happened a long, long time ago (18 yrs), in a far away land (WI).

We were friends with a couple who shared some information with us.
They were having trouble conceiving children and after many years of trying
and a lot of money spent, they were able to go to a fertility clinic in a NAMELESS CITY 
(avoiding any lawsuits) that helped them get pregnant. Yes, it was successful 
and yes they were the proud parents of TRIPLETS. We were good friends and our children
shared many happy birthdays together and 
all was fine until one day.....


It was a moment I'll never forget. I was finished playing racquetball and heading back to the
locker room, thus not having my children with me, when I turned the corner of the hallway.

Coming straight toward me were the min-versions 
(three!!! count 'em three!!) 
of our good friends' TRIPLETS
The exact same look only with bigger ears!

Can you say "TWIGHLIGHT ZONE" ?!

Now, you might be thinking to yourself that I'm starting to sound a little 
looney. Maybe you think I'm just bad at noticing details about people and that's 
why I think I see the same people everywhere I go.

So get this.......I had to ask. 

I delved into some idle chatter with the triplet's enforcing how cute they were,
and all those things that people say to parents about their small children. So she'd 
feel comfortable enough (just enough) to share with me how her Triplets came to be.

Hang on to your seats!

They were having trouble conceiving and went to a fertility clinic in....


You just can't make this stuff up! 
Can you?

Leave a comment with your doppelganger experiences.

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  1. And .... I keep seeing the same girl around town. She looks just like Annette. I can't believe it either.


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