Sunday, January 15, 2012

Backyard Player

I'm a backyard player.

I'm a player of sports for the sake of playing to better myself.

I'm a Packer fan if they are currently winning and have a good chance of going to the super-bowl.

I'm a Packer fan because they play football like the way we used to play football when I was a kid. In our backyard, we would play boys against the girls, good players against bad players, or older kids against the younger kids. Sometimes the girls had to be cheerleaders, because the boys, well I still-to-this-day, don't know why but we cheered. Why did I cheer when I wanted to play? I guess because I wanted to be around the big kids, or probably because I wanted to be around the boys. Whatever the reason, I was there. Cheering and playing.

I'm not a fan of watching football. I want to play. Even now, while the Packers are fighting for their right to go to the Super Bowl, I am downstairs writing about them in my blog. I'd rather be playing. So I suggested to the members of my family who does like to watch the sport..."hey, how about if we make some kind of game out of know, like a drinking game, but instead of drinking, we have to use one of the exercise machines we have...sitting right in front of the t.v., like the min-tramp? How about if we have to do a certain amount of time or steps on the tramp if something happens? Like by points...I'm game ......  no one else was  ....

I wanna PLAY! Not football. At my age. But I wanna move I did when I was a kid. We would go outside and run. We ran around the house just for the heck of it....we would time ourselves..why? WHY NOT?!

I'm in a house of non-movers. Non-shakers.

Watchers of the Packers.

Go Pack! I hope you make the Super-Bowl.

I'll watch you if you do.

I wanna play.

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