Friday, November 4, 2011


I'm at the Starbucks.
A blogger's hangout. 
It's not my normal spot. Usually I'm just sitting at home in my office in silent solitude. It's the best atmosphere for me to here's my story.
I started this on facebook, but decided to blog instead:

at Starbuckssssssss...... the lady sitting to my left 
apparently doesn't know or care that there is anyone else in this 
establishment.... she is talking on her phone 
so loudly that I just want to give her the stink-eye!
I don't appreciate that she is sharing her 
phone business meeting with me. I don't care!!!!!
STOP IT LADY!!!!! she's been on a business 
call for 15 minutes now....I can't concentrate.
I could leave couldn't I? I'm not getting any 
work done here!

but wait...............

It's after 3:00. The local high school crowd is coming in. It's going to get interesting. YYYEEEESSSSS!!!! They are Loud! They are Gigglers! They don't care either who is listening to their after school, I haven't talked to you all day, girl talk! And there are 3 of them!!!!!! And, they are sitting right between me and the business talker...ah ah ha ha ha ha....

The girls: you're not a part of this joke...ha ah ah ha ha.
Business Talker: started...

OH THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! If I had a grand staff symbol I would use it to show that this symphony of voices are all playing at the same time! Just imagine.

And now someone ordered a Specialty Coffee and the blender is adding a percussive crescendo in the background. Another table of High Schoolers just sat down and is sitting to my front. They talk louder than the Girls because they can't hear themselves......OH THIS IS GREAT! I'm not even being sarcastic. ;)

Business Talker: This month of November.........
The Girls: Like...Like.....she said.....ha ha ha!!!! no, wanna,,,
Business Talker: They are ready to take this initiative.....
Front HS group: ya, ya, I....don't want to.....Quarter pound..
BT: Brian I forgot to mention something....... of the front group is leaving.....and they're gone...
It's slowly moving into a quieter movement a piano if you will with a poco poco ritardo.
The giggling is turning to clarifying what the other just said....or what they heard from the other...and speaking like regular customers speaking at a more comfortable level. Business talker is resting. It's silent at her table. A tacet if you will. Is she waiting for a call-back? I don't want to look up to see. She might catch on that I'm fascinated by the orchestration in the room.

Oh, my of the Girls just recognized Business Talker!!!!! This is too good to be true! We have harmony! We have turn talking. We have a duet.

We have what could be a -

STARBUCK'S SYMPHONY! come the HS boys......LOL!!!!!!!

That's another song.

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