Friday, November 18, 2011

A Political Post?

It was eight o'clock at night. My daughter was working over in the next building so I decided to take a minute to run in and ask her if she needed anything I was going to the grocery store. I wasn't sure what I was going to buy, but that's normal for me. First I see it, then I decide if I could make a meal out of it. I guess that's probably why I don't like to go grocery shopping. It requires thinking and planning and I don't like it. Planning that is. Thinking works mostly because it happens automatically.

I got a big "no, oh wait...shredded cheese" response and I thought I had done good to ask. Yep, I was feeling alright about this trip to the grocery store. Downright helpful in a way. I at least had one item in mind that I would need to pick up. I could browse for more things and brainstorm as I strolled casually to the dairy section in the back.

Paying the quarter to use a cart is a pretty good idea. It keeps prices low. It's a good thing.

When swinging that huge cart over the sidewalk entrance exit cementway, the exit opened and invited me in. It's not unusual that a store door gets stuck now and then. It used to happen quite a bit when I worked at the Walgreens. So I entered the exit. There was space available to go through the checkout aisle. I didn't have to ask anyone to move since there wasn't anyone in line and no cashiers at their post. Wait, what? No cashier? well, that wasn't the first time I'd experienced that either. So far. not too out of the ordinary until I started down the frozen aisle to the dairy section. Hmmm I don't see any shoppers and the double doorway to the back is wide open. Don't they know someone could just walk right in? A big box pile stood like a wall of readiness for the unpackaging crew to emerge. I'll just ignore it and get my cheese.

Still, no shoppers. Still, no cashier. I'll just get some bread (I don't even buy bread anymore but my nervousness was starting to play with my brain). What if I am not supposed to be here? Is the store closed? I should have read the sign before I came in the exit door. "Hello?" "Helllooo?". I'll grab some bananas while I look around. "Hello?" Now I'm nervous. My brain is going into planning mode which I tried to avoid hours ago. Plan: If the store is closed, and I can't find a cashier, what should I do? Should I put all of my groceries back? Should I leave the cart up at the checkout and leave the groceries in it for them to see that someone was here, and they weren't. Is it my civil duty to let them know? What should I do? (I have to confess....the thought of "anyone could just walk in here and take what they want" did cross my mind. But I can confidently say I never considered it. After all, I had a back seat full of items that I had just purchased for the church's help the needy by buying them a rubber made container of nice new items for their house (x2 containers).

"Hello?"  ....   out of the front, now that I'm looking at it, office with no peeking in glass windows emerges a cashier.
She says "I saw you"
I start to laugh nervously.
She says "did you come in the exit door?
"Yes I did, it opened up as I rolled over it so I entered. Are you closed?"
"I can take you here. Yes we close at 8:00. Good thing I left my register up."
"I'm so sorry, I should have looked at the time".

I'm sure she and the other cashier who came out to see what was going on, were watching me through the glass or on a monitor or whatever. I should get a prize for not stealing...wait, can you imagine wanting to get a prize for doing the right thing....even after I did the wrong thing by entering in the exit door after hours. I think I have a glimpse of what some people in this country think entitlement is. People who have no right to receive things and demand them, anyway.

I always say, "I'm not political" but maybe I am.

Now I have to think. ugh. There is probably someone somewhere making a case for, or trying to pass some sort of bill that has something to do with these kinds of issues.

No more political posts from me.

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