Tuesday, August 11, 2009

summer classes

I'm counting down my summer classes. two more weeks of English 113 and drawing 112. I have already put under my belt the Music Theory and Paper Making classes this summer. It's been so much fun. How come I didn't enjoy school this much when I was in it the first time around? Is it because I have something to prove to my kids? maybe. Or is it because I'm one of those people who learn from experience and hands on so now I have something to draw from when I learn. The biggest obstacle I'm facing is memory. Loss of memory is more like it. I can't seem to retain anything for too long. Or in big doses of information. It's possibly the age. Oh well. I'm still having fun.


  1. I enjoy learning new things, even school, more now too. I think when you're young you get too distracted trying to figure who you are, so when you're older and know who you are, you can figure out why you are.

  2. Good point. The question is, Why am I? I like it.


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