Saturday, March 9, 2013

I See Squirrels!

I need squirrels!

This morning for example:

Coffee... eggs... news... desk... computer... facebook... e-mail... open blinds...


He/she scurried over the top of neighboring fences as if there were no balancing act to perform... no worries or cares... only one thing to accomplish:

Get the Nut and Scurry back.

My walls of solitude are necessary, yet sometimes stifling  to achieve the creative outcomes for my job. Balancing the cultivated craft with productiveness takes fine tuning and can be at times inactive.

I'm choosing to
Be Distracted!

I See Squirrels! 

bustledart, dashdustflyhastenhop along, hurryraceriprunrushscamper, scoot, scud, scutter, scuttle, shootskim, sprint, step along, tearwhirlwhisk, zip

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