Monday, May 7, 2012

A-Z I Salute You!'s over.

I had a great time doing the April A-Z Challenge!

It's the 7th of May and I'm just now finding out that
I am missing writing every day.

To be honest, I sometimes wrote 2 blogs in a day
and tried to schedule the posts. For some reason
my scheduler didn't work and I'd look for my post
to appear and it wouldn't. Hmm what's up with that?

And yes....sometimes I posted blogs that were lacking
in let's say...words, but really, there was meaning from
the heart...I'm like that...all heart. ha.

Here's to the survivors of the A-Z! Those who stuck
with the daily grind and even read my blog from time
to time.
I'm humbled by your presence!

Here's to the true writers who stuck with the challenge
by posting more than one word at a time and made
something of their time on the blogosphere.

To those who are crashing right now...blogged out....
suffering from BlogFreeze.....

I Salute YOU!!!


  1. I say blog coma. I took a week off and found when I wrote last night it came very easily. Now, let's cross our fingers and hope it stays that way. I'm going to miss reading you everyday...or uh, every other day, whenever I can catch up;)

  2. Here's to your waking up from the coma. I'm looking forward to as many as you can crank out. :)


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