Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tooth Ache!

Temporary Crown Pain!

Two and three word entries. . . . I'm on a roll!

Actually I'm in a really rotten mood lately. Hmmmm. $4,000 to
fix two vehicles...
and I thought I had a sure fire secondary dental insurance to
cover getting my teeth fixed (crowns) ...."nope says the lady at the dentist's
office, that doesn't work with your primary insurance".... of course, the story of my life.
Now I'll just have to live with my black teeth (silver fillings worn off) forever and have
just the bottom one-all the way to the back fixed...and it is killing me ~ for another
two weeks I'll be grummmmmmpy. ouch.

And did I mention MENOPAUSE?
Cari~ I suggest holding off burning your 30 black cardigans until you reach menopause.
You'll have much more satisfaction at the bon fire! :)

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  1. Come on over, we'll let them burn and curse the Tooth Fairy! {hugs}


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